Deliverables will come along each Work Package(WP)

No WP Name   Lead Participant
1 Project Management DCU
2 Labs and Content Production and Management CEU
3 Technologies to Support Innovative Teaching and Learning BRUNEL
4 Innovative Pedagogical Methods NCI
5 Platform Prototyping, Implementation and Deployment SIVECO
6 Pedagogical Assessment STUBA
7 Platform Usage and Technical Evaluation ATOS
8 Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication ADA

The following deliverables have been submitted:

Work Package 1 Submitted Deliverables

D1.1: Kick-off Meeting Report and Work Plan – This deliverable describes NEWTON’s first consortium meeting held in Dublin, Ireland and hosted by Dublin City University between the 14th -15th March 2016 and presents the project work plan.

D1.2: Quality assurance and progress monitoring measures in the project – This deliverable forms a point of reference on the quality of the NEWTON project. It defines the aspects related to quality (definition, control, assurance, improvement) that will be carried out to assure a smooth execution, continuous monitoring and improvements of the project results.

D1.2: Quality Assurance Plan Update – This document provided an update for the Quality Assurance Plan for the NEWTON Project.

D1.4: Work Plan Update, Risk and Contingency Plans, Data Management Plans and Regular Progress report – This deliverable presents the work plan update, risks and contingency plans, data management plans and regular progress report.

D1.4: Update (M6-M12) Project Progress Report – This report includes all the current progress updates from the NEWTON Work Package (WP) leaders for Months 6 to 12, describing the work carried out so far and the plans of action.

D1.4: Update on Risk and Contingency Plans – This deliverable presents the updated risk and contingency plan.

D1.4: Update (M19 – M24) Project Progress Report – This deliverable provides a summary of NEWTON project work carried out in M19-M24 for each WP: WP1 to WP8. An update of all Tasks, Deliverables, Milestones and carried out activities is provided, as well as results, current problems and plans for the next 6 months for each WP are provided. Deviations from Annex 1 and Annex 2 are also listed and the identified risks during this reporting period are presented.

Work Package 2 Submitted Deliverables

D2.1: Fab and virtual lab set-up description – This document addresses the following aspects of the NEWTON platform: 1)The hardware and software infrastructure necessary to deploy Fab Labs, Virtual Labs, and to deliver mulsemedia contents into the NEWTON platform. 2) The teaching and learning activities that will be carried out through the NEWTON platform leveraging the deployed infrastructure.

D2.2: Contents and virtual experiments – This document describes the proposed learning resources for the virtual labs and defines and describes the remote experiments. The aim is to create accessible learning resources for students from different educational levels to access the specialised lab-infrastructure and virtual environments, which enable experiments to be carried out and theoretical concepts that
are studied in the class to be demonstrated.

D2.3 – Fab and Virtual Labs Set-up – Deliverable D2.3 presents the Fab Labs and Virtual Labs set-up details based on general concepts described in deliverables D2.1 (Fab and Virtual Lab Set-up Description) and D2.2 (Software: Contents and virtual experiments), which describes the Detailed concepts of Virtual Labs and experiments/applications – software development. D2.3 summarizes the outputs of Tasks T.2.3 and T.2.4 reflecting the progress and improvements with respect to the preliminary study carried out in D.2.1.

D2.4 – Labs Testing and Basic Evaluation – This report describes a set of relevant tests defined and performed for both low level and high level performance evaluation about integration of Fab and Virtual Labs with the NEWTON Project Platform (NEWTELP).

Work Package 3 Submitted Deliverables

D3.1: Multi-sensorial and Multi-modal Media for Learning – The objective of this deliverable is to review the state of the art of multesensory systems with multimodal access. The NEWTON project aims to offer solutions to facilitate the delivery of STEM subjects to learners from a variety of backgrounds. Because multisensory cues improve memory and attention and increase the cognitive and sensory-motor performance, one of the methods employed in NEWTON consists of adding a multisensory dimension to the learning process. Through multisensory integration, the brain integrates the information from different sensory systems into multimodal representations of the world. The design and development of the multisensory component with multimodal access implies several steps that we will discuss further: Analyse types of multi-modal interaction; Develop a set of algorithms that enable multimodal access; Analyse the neurological dimension in using multiple sensory cues; Design multisensory learning content matching neurological considerations; Identify the appropriate multimodal technologies to employ; Choose the suitable hardware and software technologies to effectively deliver the designed content.

D3.2: API+GUI for Multi-sensorial, Multi-modal & Adaptive Data Management – This document describes the appropriate infrastructure needed to store and manage the relevant multiple sensorial media (mulsemedia) data.

D3.3: Multi-sensorial, Multi-modal and Adaptive solutions & Affective Learner Model – This document presents the NEWTON Learner Model, personalisation process as well as the NEWTON multi-sensorial, multi-modal and adaptive solutions that support adaptive educational multimedia content delivery and mulsemedia-enhanced access to educational resources.

Work Package 4 Submitted Deliverables

D4.1: Innovative technologies and approaches that enhance online teaching practices in STEM – The NEWTON project aims to support and enhance the delivery of online STEM subjects through a variety of technologies and pedagogical approaches. This deliverable presents a detailed literature review of self-directed pedagogical approaches considered by the NEWTON project, such as flipped classroom, online problem-based learning and computer supported collaborative learning. Self-directed learning is especially important in online environments and presents many benefits including preparing students for life-long learning and helping them develop 21st century skills. This deliverable also reviews previous applications of Augmented Reality (AR) and gamification in educational contexts. Recommendations regarding the applicability of the investigated technologies and pedagogical approaches for STEM modules are also proposed. Moreover, the deliverable presents the proposed NEWTON AR technical specification, as well as the novel NEWTON-Enhanced Gamification Model (N-EGM).

D.4.2: Online courses developed for at least 3 subjects in the STEM domain – This deliverable describes 3 online courses in the STEM domain that employ some of the NEWTON innovative technologies and pedagogical approaches that enhance learning: augmented reality, gamification and self-directed learning.

D.4.3: Innovative pedagogical approaches for people with disabilities This document aims to present a theoretical and practical analysis of the specific pedagogical approaches proposed in D4.1 (Self-Directed Learning, Gamification and Augmented Reality) in working with users with special needs.

Work Package 5 Submitted Deliverables

D5.1: Requirements specification document – This deliverable defines the NEWTON functional and non-functional requirements.

D5.2: Architecture of the NEWTON Platform – This document presents a comprehensive architectural overview of the NEWTON Platform, in compliance with the functional, technical, operational and transitional requirements described in the D5.1. The document uses a number of different architectural views to depict and define the technologies, products, and techniques necessary to develop and support the platform, and to ensure that the components are compatible.

D.5.3: NEWTON Platform software modules – Deliverable D5.3: NEWTON Platform software modules will present a summative overview of the NEWTON Platform software modules, in compliance with the functional, technical, operational and transitional requirements described in the D5.1 and D5.2.

D5.4 – NEWTON Project Platform Software Integration – Deliverable D5.4 provides an overview of the NEWTON project platform integration steps with its modules, process which was previously described in Deliverable D5.3. Integration between the following modules is described in turn: 1) Content, LMS and the gamification module; 2) LMS and the multimedia adaptation module; 3) LMS and mulsemedia module; 4) LMS and the personalisation module; 5) LMS and Fab Labs.

D5.5 – NEWTON Platform Basic Testing – This deliverable D5.5 provides an overview of the NEWTON Project platform acceptance tests for implementation. This document provides a definition of acceptance tests employed for the NEWTON Project Platform basic testing. Their evaluation is presented in detail in this document’s Annexes, providing results for all defined tests, as well as providing a description for comments and test results together with computed statistics with clarification of acceptance criteria and direct results of testing.

Work Package 6 Submitted Deliverables

D6.1: Work plan – Details of the scheduled activities and procedure of target groups for “Large-scale Pilots” – The main goal of this deliverable is to formulate a methodology to assess and evaluate the outcomes of the NEWTON large-scale pilots. This deliverable presents a preliminary generic plan for the pilot assessment and evaluation based on the theoretical assessment framework. It includes some examples of the methods and tools that may be used to capture information and data as well as initial recommendations regarding the data to be gathered, the comparisons that will be relevant to assess impact, etc.

D6.1: Update on Work plan – Details of the scheduled activities and procedure of target groups for “Large-scale Pilots” – The document has been updated, in particular, the Workplan (Chapter 4) has been fully reformulated to indicate how user evaluation data and information will be systematically gathered across all NEWTON pilots. It also specifies how the analysis of the pilot outcomes will be used to inform “emerging and ongoing TEL designs”. Emphasis has been put on how the project plans to “guarantee reliable and transferable results”, by proposing a global standardized framework for all pilots, and alternative data gathering approaches (including a greater focus on qualitative/ethnographic approaches) to complement the foreseen questionnaires and survey methods.

Work Package 7 Submitted Deliverables

D7.1 – NEWTON Platform Configuration and Operational Manual – Deliverable D7.1 is focused on the IT operation of the whole NEWTON project platform when deployed on a cloud. The platform was first installed and tested on a server at SIVECO, Romania and migrated to the cloud environment provided and operated by Atos SK at premises in Bratislava, Slovakia. In addition, this document provides the User training manual of the NEWTON project platform, used by targeted representatives from schools involved in small and large-scale Pilots.

Work Package 8 Submitted Deliverables

D8.1: IPR Guidelines – This document summarizes the key aspects that refer to the IPR terms and where necessary provides direct links to the aforementioned documents.

D8.2: Dissemination Plan, Exploitation Plan, and Standardisation Roadmap – This deliverable presents the dissemination activities of NEWTON from its launch in March until July 2016. Each partner’s exploitation plans, NEWTON’s SWOT analysis and value proposition are also presented in this deliverable. Standards and markets in E-learning, and how NEWTON can contribute to these, are discussed in the later chapters.

D8.2: Update (M6-M12) Dissemination Plan, Exploitation Plan, and Standardisation Roadmap – This report presents the first 6-month-update on dissemination and exploitation plans and standardisation roadmap, which were originally presented in Deliverable 8.2. This first update report, at this stage of the project, will focus on dissemination activities by NEWTON partners between September 2016 (Month 7) and February 2017 (Month 12), and the increasing numbers in viewership through multiple communication channels.

D8.2: Second update (August 2017) Dissemination Plan, Exploitation Plan, and Standardisation Roadmap – This report presents the second 6-month-update on dissemination and exploitation plans and standardisation roadmap, which were originally presented in Deliverable 8.2. The first one of the 6-monthly updates was delivered in Feb 2017 (M12).

D8.2: D8.2 – Update (M19-M24) – Dissemination Plan, Exploitation Plan, and Standardisation Roadmap – This document includes the updates on the Dissemination and Exploitation Plans, and Standardisation Roadmap for M19 to M24. These included updated NEWTON vision (including NEWTON Project Description, Goals, Legacy and Message to Stakeholders), Dissemination and Communication plans, partners’ activities between September 2017 and February 2018, and NEWTON marketing and business strategies. To enable more efficient exploitation, a working group was formed to define a business and marketing plan for the NEWTON Project.

D8.3: Media for NEWTON Dissemination – This deliverable describes NEWTON’s brand identity, project website, media and channels used for dissemination from month 1.

D.8.3: Update Media for NEWTON Dissemination (18-month Update) – This update report, mid-way through the project, presents the official presentation slides, poster and brochure, the developments on the official NEWTON website and the additions the NEWTON project media channels. This update report presents the dissemination media developments between M2 and M18.

D.8.3: D8.3 – Update (M19-M24) – Media for NEWTON Dissemination – This update report presents the dissemination efforts undertaken by project partners between M19 and M24.

D8.4: Mid-term Project Report – This report includes all the current progress updates from the NEWTON Work Package (WP) leaders for months M1 to M18 (from March, 2016 to August, 2017), describing the work carried out so far and the plans of action. The main NEWTON project technologies and approaches are being described and their status is provided. There has been no change in any of the plans such as data management or schedules for tasks and deliverables. All deliverables have been met to date.

For access to these deliverables please contact the Project Manager, Diana Bogusevschi, at