Atos is an international company focused on information technology (IT) services with 78,500 employees. In July 2011, Atos acquired Siemens IT Solutions and Services (a division of Siemens IT), increasing the number of employees by 28,000 new staff in the Atos team. Atos headquarters is located in Paris and Atos operates in 42 countries worldwide. Atos is the fifth company in the world within the IT sector and the first in Europe in terms of sales volumes. The Research and Innovation Group ( focuses on the implementation of international projects combined with the latest technological advances and high engagement of experts in the fields who have already gained experience in dozens of research. Experts working at Atos in research have experience both in identifying issues that are “in” within the given field, as well as experience in communication with the local research institutions in the respective countries. This multidisciplinary and multicultural team of professionals consists of experts from various fields of expertise.

Atos IT Solutions and Services in Slovakia have 357 employees. The portfolio of Atos Slovakia includes areas such as public administration, banking, industry, utilities. Atos is professionally specialized in areas such as authentication and e-identification, in HW and SW solutions, in the area of registers, IT security, and smart energy solutions. The domain of ATOS Slovakia is system integration. ATOS Slovakia has supplied IT solutions for several major e-Government projects. It is intensely involved in scientific and research projects in Slovakia (e.g. in the Competence Centre of Intelligent Technologies for Computerization and Informatization of Systems and Services). Atos Slovakia is a supplier of ITMS for the Structural Funds. Significant projects of ATOS-SK are focused on educational domain. Most significant are projects “Planet of Knowledge” (customer Ministry of Education SK) and “Educational portal RSOV” for vocational schools (customer State Institute for Vocational Education SK). The scope of the project “Planet of knowledge” consists from delivery of the Learning Management System and digital learning content for primary and secondary schools focused on following basic subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Natural Science. Project  “Educational portal RSOV“ consists from Learning Management System and digital educational objects for secondary vocational schools and centres of practical training. Secondary vocational school graduates are able to meet the demands of potential employers, which have during preparatory phase of the project impact in formulation of learning content.



Michal Mjartan

Application Specialist Senior

Michal is a senior Application specialist responsible for implementation new technology for projects in educational domain in the Slovakia and global level. Extensive experience gained in strategic project Educational Portal RSOV and e-Learning project for Atos global.


Oskar Kadlec

Consultant / Client Partner

At Atos, Oskar is responsible for the delivery of projects related to the e-education.
He has considerable hands on experience in the review, development and implementation of good practice
education management systems. His focus is on the acquisition and development of projects for clients
from the public sector and local government units. He is also responsible for the analysis and study of
potential opportunities for private sector companies, as well as the preparation and implementation of
educational modules in the field of EU funds and the PCM. Oskar studied information technology.
Oskar has also developed, worked on and participated in many projects funded by international
institutions and governments. He acquired practical experience by being project manager responsible for content delivery in the national educational projects focused on transition of educational system in vocational education area.


Roman Behul

Senior Consultant

Roman is a Senior business consultant for public, healthcare and
transportation. He started work for Atos after 6 years of experience as individual independent consultant
in IT sector.


Ing. Vladimír Broniš

Project Manager

Vladimír is senior project manager responsible for delivery of large projects in educational domain in the Slovakia. Extensive experience gained in strategic projects Planet pf Knowledge and Educational Portal RSOV covering complete lifecycle of the project from initial negotiation from operational support after delivery. Holder of ITIL Foundation Certificate.