ATOS Research & Innovation (ATOS-ARI) is the research, development and innovation hub of ATOS and it is a key reference for the whole Atos group. Thanks to its large expertise in R&D&I ARI not only leverages research on new technologies inside the ATOS group, but also brings research outcomes to customers, introducing innovative approaches, methodologies and tools in their business processes. ATOS-ARI focuses on project accomplishment, combining economic exploitation of research results with the most up-to-date technological developments and high awareness of human factors, such as education sciences, disability-related issues, cultural diversity, and multilingualism. More details are available at

ATOS-ARI has performed around 300 R&D&I projects since 1987, and has recently received three awards: the national prize on R&D excellence, Mare Nostrum, granted by the Ministry of Education and Science on Nov 30th, 2010, the Enterprise-University Award granted by Her Highness Princess Elena and the Council of Chambers of Commerce of Spain on Nov 12th 2010, and the Best paper award of IARIA (International Academy research and Industry Association). Technology Enhanced Learning, Cloud infrastructures and Security are some of the areas covered by ATOS-ARI and participants in this proposal.

In 2001, ATOS defined a line of activity focused on the use of ICTs in the public administration Public Administration sector (PA) has now more than 10 years of experience in realizing R&D project. As part of this sector, the Technology Enhanced Learning team focuses on research and development activities related to technological support to learning processes in all educational levels. Some of our main topics ofinterests are learning personalization and adaptation, accessibility, learning analytics, Game-based learning, and instructional design.



Carmen L. Padrón-Nápoles

Head of the User Experience Research Line and Project Manager

Carmen has got a degree in Computer Engineering from Superior Polytechnic Institute José A. Echeverría, Havana, Cuba and Ph. D. in Computer Science from the University Carlos III, Spain. Currently she works in ATOS Research and Innovation as Head of the User Experience Research Line and Project Manager in Technology Enhanced Learning Area of the Public Administration Sector. She was member of the Networks of Excellence STELLAR and GaLA; and is (has been) involved in the INTELLEO, HOTEL, VERITAS, DRIVER, EMMA, NEWTON projects funded by EC under FP7 CIP and Horizon 2020 frameworks. Currently she is coordinating the MaTHiSiS project which is funded under Horizon 2020 framework. Before joining ATOS she worked as lecturer and researcher in the Computer Science Department at University Carlos III, Madrid (Spain) from 2003 until 2009. In previous years, she worked as Software developer, Web designer and System administrator in ePortas GmBh; Düsseldorf, Germany and in the Centre of Informatics and Culture Applied Systems, Ministry of Culture, Havana City, Cuba.

She has more than 10 years of research and development experience related to technologic support for education and learning; Web-based systems, Multimedia, IMS Learning Design, Instructional Design, Computer-supported Collaborative work, Game-based learning, Learning Analytics, Usability and Formal models for knowledge representation and Emerging technologies deployment impact on learning practices.



Ana María Piñuela

Co-Head of the Public Administration and Education sector

Ana received her Diploma of Telecommunications Engineering from the Politechnical University of Madrid in 1998. That year she joined Sema Group Spain (now part of Atos Spain S.A) where she is currently co-Head of the Public Administration and Education sector at Atos Research & Innovation group, the R&D&I node of Atos. She coordinated STORK and STORK 2.0, large-scale CIP projects on eID interoperability for secure access to public and private services. She has also been involved in many EU projects related to e-government (COCKPIT, +SPACES, CB-Business, BIMUS, IMPULSE, e-Court, ePractice, ImmigrationPolicy 2.0, SONNETS), smart cities (Co-Cities, RADICAL, MOVE-US, Open Cities) and education (HOTEL, EMMA, MaTHiSiS).


Lydia Montandon

Business Development director

Lidia is currently working at Atos Spain as Business Development director for the Atos Research and Innovation (ARI) group. Her role is to look for opportunities to exploit and commercialise R&D projects’ outcomes. She has more than 15 years of experience in coordinating and participating in large RTD projects in the fields of Technology-enhanced Learning, e-Inclusion, eHealth, and International Cooperation. She holds a Master of Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and a diploma in graphic design from the IstitutoEuropeo di Design, Milan, Italy. She is currently studying a master in sustainable development and diplomacy. She is fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Greek.