White Loop is a research and consulting agency specialising in the education and technology sectors. White Loop delivers research, consultancy, content development and technical integration services to UK Government departments/agencies, commercial companies and a range of other organisations. Our clients include the UK National Health Service, Pearson Education, the London Development Agency, the European Commission and the Association of MBAs.  The company’s areas of specialism include the development and commercialisation of educational technologies, public consultation/qualitative and quantitative research and development of social networks and user-generated content.

White Loop has long standing relationships across the education and training sector in over 25 countries around the world. The focus of White Loop’s work in this sector is to build compelling educational content using genuinely interactive platforms and to ensure that the impact of these educational interventions is sound.


Mr Jim Playfoot

Jim is a writer, researcher and consultant and Co-Founder and Managing Director of Getenergy Intelligence, an education consultancy based in Soho, London. Jim’s work over the last 15 years has focussed on exploring the challenges of how we educate and prepare young people for the 21st century, understanding the dynamic between technology and learning and developing new thinking around how educators can promote wellbeing and quality of life. Jim has particular interest in how education can be a driver of social and economic development and has worked extensively in Africa and Latin America