Earth Course Large-Scale Pilot NEWTON Approach Sessions in Corpus Christi and St. Patrick’s Schools finished

Horizon 2020 NEWTON Project coordinating institution, Dublin City University, in conjunction with consortium partner, National College of Ireland, have successfully carried out all the Earth Course Large-Scale pilot NEWTON Approach sessions in St. Patrick’s Boys National School and Corpus Christi Girls’ National School in Dublin, Ireland.
Many thanks are due to the principals of the two Dublin-based schools Mrs. Clare Galvin (Corpus Christi GNS) and Mr. Tomas Moriarty (St. Patrick BNS) and the teachers involved Noelle O’Connor, Aisling Patton, Matthew Maguire and John Moore.
A big thank you is also due to the girls in the two Corpus Christi classes for the brilliant hand-made Thank You Cards they prepared for the NEWTON project team for ceremony on 19th June. More pictures from the awards ceremony to follow.

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