eLearning 2017


At the beginning of November (8th and 9th) a competition and conference eLearning 2017 was held at the University in Hradec Králové. This conference was organized in collaboration with interest association EUNIS-CZ (European University Information Systems).

Presented in this conference were selected products, all of which are participating on 17th class of eLearning competition.

The title for this year’s competition was “Inspirational Approaches from Theory and Practice”.

Conference focused on the following topics:

–         eLearning and mobile technologies

–         eLearning and social networks

–         eLearning in adult education

–         syllabus innovation in use with eLearning

–         eLearning methodology

–         modern trends in eLearning

–         eLearning pedagogical-psychological aspects

–         case study and projects

–         SMART eLearning

–         research and languages teaching

Tomáš Zeman from Czech Technical University participated at eLearning 2017 and on the first day of this conference he presented the NEWTON Project.

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