Fourth Meeting on NEWTON “GAM LAB” Pilot

Fourth Meeting about NEWTON “GAM LAB” Pilot project has been held at “Santa Caterina-Amendola” Institute in Salerno, Italy on February 8th, 2018. Participants in the event were Fabio Di Salvadore and Giuseppe Guarino from QUI! Group, Carmine De Nicola from Beyond, the NEWTON Advisory Board Member Prof. Domenico Cariello, some teachers and the Headmistress from the “Santa Caterina-Amendola” Institute, (Prof. Rosangela Cuoco, Prof. Maria Rosaria Vincensi, Prof. Annarita Carrafiello).

The event had a double purpose. Firstly, sharing among participants the status and progress about development of a Small Scale Pilot (SSP) Chemistry of elements, to be run at the Institute, by putting attention on the logistics, organization and various educational details. Finally, sharing further ideas, feedbacks and documents regarding the next activities and planning future activities for the Large Scale Pilot (LSP).
An interesting open discussion on various educational topics regarding SSP and LSP’s objectives took place.

Participants’ points of view, ideas and issues about organization of the computer lab where a Virtual Lab should be installed and run, educational content about the Chemistry of elements provided to be used in the environment, documentation on the privacy aspects, involvement of the students, scheduling of the days for SSP running, presentation meeting among students and their parents, visit organization for the NEWTON Partners at the Institute were analyzed in detail and appointed for proper solutions amidst the participants involved.

After the further exchange of documentation, the setup of the environment for running the SSPs and the presentation meeting among students, their parents and all people involved it will possible to schedule the official start of the SSP experimentation and relating activities to be performed.

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