GAM LAB – Italy “Pilot Day” in Salerno

On Wednesday 9th May a delegation of Project Partners, conveyed in Salerno for Pilots and Exploitation Workshop, encountered the two piloting Institutes and NEWTON Associated partners I.I.S. Santa Caterina da Siena-Amendola and Liceo G. Da Procida

The Coordinator G. Muntean, accompanied by the Pilot Leader F. Di Salvadore and Local researcher G. Guarino from QUI! Group, along with Prof. D. Cariello NEWTON Advisory Board Member, had the possibility to meet, thank and award with a special Certificate Schools’ Headmistresses A. Carrafiello and A.Giannantonio besides all the involved Vice Principals and Teachers in almost 2 months duration large Scale Pilot projects, Proff. R. Cuoco, C. D’Amico, A. Pisacane, M. Rubino, R. Sabini, A. Papa, M. Vincensi e M. Citarella.

For this occasion, a delegation of University of Bucharest (PM Marilena Bratu) and Romanian Associated Partner Santa Maria Institute’s Principal, Prof. Florica Stoica, took a brief testing on currently running Virtual Labs and VR installations in the Italian Institutes in order to get the direct and ultimate feedback for the “GAM LAB – Romania” testing project to be deployed in the next Autumn in Bucharest.

A general truly cooperative and involving atmosphere characterized both meetings; the Project representatives were surrounded by genuine affect and enthusiasm, witnessing the actual expectations for the project future developments as well as the real interest for a full cooperation that NEWTON Education could imply with these particularly active and innovative Secondary Institutes.

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