Salerno, Italy – 2018.05.30

The final day of the Pilot experimentation “GAM LAB-Italy”, as part of the H2020 NEWTON Project, took place at the “Santa Caterina-Amendola” Institute in a wonderful public setting.

Students from “Da Procida” Institute and the host Institute itself, who participated with commitment and dedication to the experimentation, were welcomed by the Headmasters (Prof. Anna Rita Carrafiello and Prof. Annalaura Giannantonio) and by the teachers (Prof. Rosangela Cuoco, Prof. Annella Papa, Prof. Maria Rosaria Vincensi, Prof. Anna Pisacane, Prof. Maria Rosaria Citarella, Prof. Maria Grazia Rubino, Prof. Clementina D’Amico) of both Institutes in an atmosphere of serene hospitality and friendliness.

The event, organized by the GAM LAB Project Leader, Fabio Di Salvadore and Local Researcher, Giuseppe Guarino (QUI! Group), in collaboration with Carmine De Nicola (Beyond) and moderated by the NEWTON Advisory Board, Prof. Domenico Cariello, was an opportunity to summarize all the work done during the months of experimentation, thank all those who have allowed the success of the initiative and reward the students, true and undisputed protagonists of the proposed learning path.

After a series of brief interventions by the educational institutions, the responsible persons of GAM LAB Pilot explained the Gamification mechanics behind the learning path that allowed to students to be awarded.

Each student received a personalized certificate with all badges and bonus gained in the learning activities attesting own attending and commitment.

Then, the award ceremony for the most voted geometric shapes designed by 3D graphic software and for the first three students of both Institutes who have accumulated the highest overall score in the learning activities was held.

At the end, the ceramic art objects made by the students of the “Santa Caterina-Amendola” Institute according to the 3D prototypes of geometric shapes printed by FAB LAB CEU in Madrid and designed by the students of the “Da Procida” Institute were shown to the audience.

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