NEWTON Project: Technology Enhanced STEM Education Opportunities for Children from Dublin Docklands Area

Over 130 children – boys and girls, 5th and 6th classes, and teachers from 3 primary schools came to NCI to experience NEWTON project technology and learn about Astronomy and Biosphere in a different manner. They have used state of the art educational solutions including personalised and immersive games, virtual reality and virtual lab.

Children thoroughly enjoyed the learning sessions and we hardly convinced them to leave the computers!

Without the support of so many people we could not make this event happen and be a memorable one for the children! We hope they started to like more STEM subjects and see many of them at NCI in the years to come.

A huge thank you undoubtedly goes to the following:

·       Early Learning Initiative (ELI) team  that enabled us to reach the schools and provided us laptops for the deployment of NEWTON technologies. In particular, many thanks to Lana Cummins and  Aoife Birmingham that coordinated the interaction with the schools and teachers.

·       NCI NEWTON, DCU NEWTON and ADAPTEMY NEWTON teams that have prepared the event, set-up over 60 laptops, and helped the children: Abdalmonem Tamtam (NCI), Samridh Sharma (NCI), Neeraj Choudhary (NCI), Pramod Pathak (NCI),  Mohammed Amine Togou (DCU), Ting Bi (DCU), Fabio Silva (DCU), Ioana Ghergulescu (ADAPTEMY).

·       Diana Bogusevschi (NEWTON Project Manager) and Gabriel Miro Muntean ( NEWTON project PI) for their presentation and lovely talks to the children.

·       State Street volunteers that provided support during the event

·       Marius Ciorba and  the Facilities team who looked after the Kelly Theatre set-up

·       Teresa Murray and the Marketing team that took a lot of pictures (I look forward to getting them) and help us with the dissemination of the event.

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