Buccino (SA) – ITALY, December 7th 2017

For the aims of developing the scenario “Chemistry/Ceramics and colors across cultures” in the NEWTON Pilot “GAM LAB”, a representative from QUI! Group, Giuseppe Guarino and from ATOS Slovakia, Michal Mjartan, the NEWTON Advisory Board, Prof. Domenico Cariello and a teacher from “Da Procida” Institute, Prof. Maria Rosaria Citarella, visited the National Archeological Museum of Volcei “Marcello Gigante” in Buccino (Salerno), Italy on December 7th 2017.

Main goal was to choose some characteristic and interesting cultural artefacts from the Museum to be then virtualized in a 3D environment in order to be handled by students for learning ceramics historic peculiarities and specific details behind their shape and use.

For this reason, and courtesy of the specific concession n.14/2017 of Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del Turismo – Soprintendenza Archeologica, Belle Arti e Paesaggio di Salerno e Avellino previously obtained from of Prof. D. Cariello, a deeper visit to all rooms of the Museum was helpful for identifying the historical periods and the related ceramic artefacts. The technical description provided by the Responsible of the Museum, Dr. Adele Lagi, who explained clearly and accurately the reasons behind the creation and use of each object was important to learn specific details regarding the ceramics of those periods and drive to the more appropriate choice. From this situation, a nice and profitable discussion among all participants took place in which cultural, historical and mythological aspects of the artefacts in the Museum were highlighted and learned.

Later, the operations for virtualizing the set of ceramic artefacts chosen from the Museum started.

Professional video recordings and photo shootings sessions of about ten objects in a 360°- view were then taken through specific technical instruments provided by the specialized technicians from NEWTON Partner ATOS Slovakia.


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