Protected: D3.1 – Multi-sensorial and Multi-modal Media for Learning

Protected: D3.1 – Multi-sensorial and Multi-modal Media for Learning

The NEWTON project aims to offer solutions to facilitate the delivery of STEM subjects to learners from a variety of backgrounds. Because multisensory cues improve memory and attention and increase the cognitive and sensory-motor performance, one of the methods employed in NEWTON consists of adding a multisensory dimension to the learning process. Through multisensory integration, the brain integrates the information from different sensory systems into multimodal representations of the world. The design and development of the multisensory component with multimodal access implies several steps that we will discuss further:

  • Analyse types of multi-modal interaction
  • Develop a set of algorithms that enable multimodal access
  • Analyse the neurological dimension in using multiple sensory cues
  • Design multisensory learning content matching neurological considerations
  • Identify the appropriate multimodal technologies to employ
  • Choose the suitable hardware and software technologies to effectively deliver the designed content