Up in the clouds

Almost 90 children from schools in Bucharest, Romania, were invited between 7-9 December to SIVECO Romania during Hour of Code 2016. Among other workshops, they interacted with VR Learning elements in one of the lessons created by SIVECO Romania for NEWTON project: ”Vaporization and condensation”.
Although it was still on an earlier stage of development (and tested frantically by SIVECO staff until very late hours, a week before the event), the application was a huge success among the young visitors, who said that learning science has never been easier.
As one of the technical partners in the project and with 15 years experience in the field, SIVECO Romania provides educational content development using serious games, descriptive animations or simulations, augmented reality, virtual reality and proper assessments techniques, in accordance with benchmark and operational objectives.
Using certain teaching methods and procedures appropriate for the specific types of hearing disorders and deafness, all provided educational content is run into state of the art teaching labs and study environments.
The Hour of Code takes place each year in December, during Computer Science Education Week, and it is the largest international eLearning event.

by Daniela Banuta, SIVECO Romania

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