NEWTON Experiments Dublin June 2017

The DCU NEWTON project team of researchers successfully ran two NEWTON tests in St. Patrick’s Boys National School in Dublin, Ireland. They used applications based on novel technology developed by NEWTON partners: SIVECO from Bucharest and NCI from Dublin. 

The first test used an application developed by SIVECO, which focused on the water cycle in nature, specifically Vaporisation and Condensation. Participating students got to also engage with a virtual laboratory to perform various experiments helping them better understand the two concepts. They really enjoyed walking around the virtual laboratory and learning physics at the same time.
A second test employed an educational game around the Solar System, which was developed by NCI. Students got to explore various planets, learning many interesting facts. The loved the game-based learning environment, where they got to pass through different stages of the application if they correctly answered all questions.
The participants really enjoyed the NEWTON approach lessons and are looking forward to more experiments, where they get to combine game with learning

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