NEWTON Pilots and Gamification Workshop in June 2017

On June 21 and 23, 2017, NEWTON Pilots and Gamification Workshop was held at Dublin City University, Glasnevin Campus, Ireland.

Participants in the event were Prof. Gabriel-Miro Muntean, Diana Bogusevschi, Dan Zhao and Joan Kelly from DCU (Ireland), Fabio Di Salvadore from QUI!Group (Italy), Carmine De Nicola from Beyond (Italy), Jim Playfoot from WhiteLoop (UK), Cristina Muntean and Arghir Nicolae Moldovan from NCI (Ireland), Ioana Ghergulescu and Tiina Lynch from Adaptemy (Ireland).

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to share experience of tests (involving NEWTON technologies such as multisensorial, game-based learning and AR/VR) carried out so far in education institutions in Ireland, Spain and Romania. Then, 3 full courses with NEWTON technologies was discussed, followed by the review of a multi-stage pilot in Italy. At last, the potential challenges in integrating the gamification module and the NEWTON core platform were identified and follow-up discussion in this regard was initiated.

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