NEWTON Gamification and Multi/Mulsemedia Integration Workshop

Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland hosted a workshop on Gamification and Multi/Mulsemedia integration between 16th and 18th of October 2017. Partners were faced with Ireland’s first hurricane, Ophelia, but managed to arrive safely despite some travel and meeting rearrangements due to general safety concerns. Partners present were DCU, ADA, ATOS-SK, BRUNEL, BYD, NCI, QUI, SIVECO, STUBA, UBU and WLP. The workshop included many fruitful discussions and an exciting and effective plan of action for the next stage of the project, which will see pilots taking place in several European schools.

In the workshop, all partners provided an update on their development progress, and the experts in gamification discussed the technical advancements and details. Good progress has been made in all aspects of the pilots, and first pilots should be carried out in European schools over the current academic year, with some pre-pilots already being carried out.

The conversation that followed focused on content gamification integration and implementation details, coordination with the gamification engine and LMS. Technical discussions were followed by progress updates for small- and large-scale pilots from all partners, to unify the timelines and pedagogical assessments of the upcoming pilots.

On the last day, gamification engine and platform integration were the main topic of the morning discussions, followed by the planning of publications and collaborations for the second half of the NEWTON project. Adaptive Multi/mulsemedia integration discussions were the final topic on the agenda.

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