Fab Lab Madrid CEU presents NEWTON Project in Maker Faire (Bilbao and Madrid)

Maker Faire is the largest fair for creators and inventors around the world, a showcase for inventions, creativity and ingenuity for all, along with celebrating the Maker movement. It is a place for people to show their creations to the world and share their expertise with anyone who wants to learn. Makers can be anyone, any age and from any background: technology fans, artisans, scientists, educators or garage inventors.

The Maker Faire connect the people of the community with educators and professionals and it is a good opportunity to find students interested in STEM education and improve access for students with disabilities to STEM activities thanks to the NEWTON Project.

During the events, that was celebrated in Bilbao on October 27th- 29th  and in Madrid on November 4th, Fab Lab Madrid CEU presented the NEWTON Project, showing all the attendances projects developed by students at the Fab Lab during the small scale pilots carried out on the last months. All the experiments has tried to prove the potential of digital fabrication technologies to create a rich educational environment to be used as learning tools for primary school, secondary school and university students.

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